Hullabaloo Parties


Let's Party!

Hullabaloo is available for children’s parties on Saturdays and Sundays. Each party lasts for 2 hours, with one hour in Hullabaloo, and another hour in our party room.

Our time slots are;

Saturday; 10 – 12, 12.30 – 2.30, 3 – 5
All our parties can be booked for exclusive use of Hullabaloo for an extra charge.

Sunday; 1.30 - 3.30 and 4 - 6
On a Sunday The Sherriff Centre is not open to the public, Hullabaloo is exclusively yours, with the café open for your guests to order drinks and enjoy pre-ordered food. For an additional fee, you can now book for up to 30 children on a Sunday only.

Party Package Prices





Sunday 20 Kids


Sunday 25 Kids


Sunday 30 Kids


What's included?

We charge a flat fee for our parties and this includes;

1 hour of play in Hullabaloo, 1 hour in our party room

Food and drink for up to 20 children

A party host to play games with the children and help the party run smoothly

A free pass for Hullabaloo for the birthday boy or girl.

You may also add extras to the party package such as pre-filled party bags and food for your guests. Costs for these are indicated on our booking form. If you wish to bring your own birthday cake please do so, but all other food must be supplied through us and The Sanctuary Café.

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1What happens during a Hullabaloo party?
Hullabaloo parties last for two hours.

*The first hour is spent in the Hullabaloo soft play area. To signal the end of the hour, your party host will ring a bell and escort the children and parents into the party room (the Lady Chapel).

The second, final hour, is spent in our party room where children will eat their food and play games with our party host! * Friday 4pm - 6pm party slots are back to front. The first hour is in the party room, and the second hour is in Hullabaloo.
2What happens in the party room?
When the children have finished eating, the party host will clear away the space to make way for age appropriate games and music.

Pre-ordered adult food will be served on a side table just outside the party room, along with plates and napkins. Parents are welcome to join the children in the party room if they wish.

The birthday cake can either be brought out after food or at the end of the party, your party host will ask which you prefer.
3What does the party host do?
The party host is there to make sure the party runs smoothly and to entertain the children once they are in the party room. Your host will introduce themselves to you when you arrive and talk to you about how you want the party to run, when you want the cake, any particular games or music your child likes. They set the room up and will take the children through once the hour in the soft play is over. They will make sure all the children have the correct food and drinks. Once the children have finished eating they will clear the food and create some space for games. They will play music, put the bubble machine on and play games. At the end of the party they will wind things up discreetly and clear up ready for the next party.
4What's an exclusive party?
For an extra fee, you can book an exclusive party which means that members of the public will not have access to Hullabaloo during the first 'soft play hour' of your party.

The Sherriff Centre is closed to the public on Sundays so all parties are exclusive.
5What extras can I book?
Currently we offer one extra feature to our parties, Party Bags.

Cost: £2.75 per bag.
6My party is on Saturday, where should I go?
We know you'll be coming and we'll be expecting you, so head over to the Hullabaloo desk by the entrance to the soft play, and let yourself be known to the staff there. We will welcome you and your guests, show you around and answer any questions you may have.
7My party is on Sunday, where should I go?
After the church service finishes on a Sunday, the centre is closed to the public so the big wooden doors may be shut. Let yourself in through the blue side doors - there will signs up leading the way! Head over to the Hullabaloo desk where our staff will be waiting for you. We will welcome you and your guests, show you around and answer any questions you may have.
8How do the party guests know when to leave Hullabaloo?
Our party hosts will ring a bell at the beginning and end of your hour in Hullabaloo soft play. Once the whole party are out, your host will guide the children towards the party room.
9Who decorates the Party Room?
We do!

You're welcome to bring a few decorations for the party room yourself if you'd like, but there's really no need - we take care of it all for you and have parties taking place all weekend, so often find there isn't enough time for parents to set up and pack away themselves.
10Are there parking restrictions by the centre?
No, not at weekends.

Please note, the small car park outside the centre is not for customer use. This is private parking for church use only.
11What do I need to bring with me?
There's no need to bring anything with you. If you would like to bring a birthday cake with candles etc, please feel free. We can provide a cake knife for you.

If you would also like to bring alcohol for your adult guests, we simply ask that you select this option on the booking form so we can prepare glasses for you. The Corkage Fee is £50. With the exception of one birthday cake and alcohol, please do not bring any other food or drink in to the centre.
12What’s the food like?
For the children we keep it simple as we have found the food for the kids is not the main event, it’s to be rushed through to get on with the party. They each have a choice of sandwiches, Fruit Shoot drink or juice carton, a bag of Pom Bear crisps and a Yoyo Bear. On the booking form you can choose from a choice of sandwich fillings and also add food for your adult guests, these options include pastries, crudites and hummus, sandwich platters and cake platters. We charge per adult for the adult food and you can have the adult food whenever you want during your 2 hour slot, either when the children are in the soft play or in the party room.
13What about allergies or dietary requirements?
Please let us know when booking if you have any special requirements and we will do our utmost to cater for them.
14Can we bring our own food?
With the exception of alcohol and one birthday cake, no outside food or drink must be brought into or consumed within the Centre. If you are seen to bring you own, you will be asked to put this away. Alcohol can be bought from The Sanctuary Café, or a £50 corkage fee is charged at the time of booking if you’d like to bring your own. Adult food must be ordered and paid for in advance as per the booking form, however drinks can be purchased on the day. A tab for drinks can be opened if required.
15What’s the capacity in the party room?
On a Saturday we can accommodate 20 children in the party room. On a Sunday however, we can accommodate up to 30 children. You can pay for 20 children, 25 or 30 children depending on your needs. We cannot exceed 30 children. If your guests bring siblings, that have not been accounted for, and this exceeds our capacity, we will ask them to leave the party room for safety.
16Can I add extra children on the day?
We understand that finalising the numbers for children’s parties can be very difficult. We do ask for final numbers two weeks before the party date to ensure everything is ready. If you do find you have an extra child on the day and it doesn’t exceed our room capacity we will do our best to accommodate them. We cannot exceed 30 children.
17What happens when I book?
Contact us to see if the date you have in mind is available, once a date is selected we will send you a booking form, our terms and conditions and an invoice for a deposit. Once your deposit is paid your booking is secured. >br>
We invoice you via PayPal*, but you can also pop in to pay in cash or by card. Unfortunately we cannot take card payments over the telephone. A couple of weeks before the party we will contact you to ask for the final payment, confirm all details, numbers and any other information.

*You do not need to have a PayPal account to pay via PayPal, there are options to pay with your debit or credit card through the PayPal system. .