Multiple Bookings

Multiple Bookings at Hullabaloo

You're welcome to book a gathering with friends and family at Hullabaloo, however please note that we do not offer refunds for bookings of 6 or more tickets. We cannot amend or alter your booking in any way once it has been booked and paid for.

Please read our FAQs below before booking - or email us and we can assist you with your booking

1Can I bring my own food?
You are welcome to bring your own food however we do ask that you clear up any mess before you leave.
2Can I bring my own drinks?
No, we do not allow customers to bring their own drinks. Please purchase all drinks at the Sanctuary Cafe + Bar.
3Do you provide plates?
We do not offer anything for food, so please bring everything with you including napkins and paper plates if needed.
4How long do we have?
Your Hullabloo booking is for one hour so please don't plan to stay any longer than this as there may not be room for you.
5Can I book for two hours?
Yes of course particularly if you plan to bring food. You can book two sessions back to back.
1Can we rearrange the tables?
No you cannot move our tables or chairs, please be considerate of other customers and refrain from rearranging furniture.
2Do we have to bring socks?
Yes but we have them on sale for 50p if anyone forgets them. All adults and children playing in Hullabaloo must wear socks.
3Can we reserve tables?
We don't reserve tables but we're sure you'll find space to enjoy coffee and cake during your booking.
4Can we arrive early?
We ask that you don't arrive early as the centre may be busy with previous bookings.
5Can I arrange an entertainer?
We ask that you don't arrange any extra entertainment or face painting as we simply don't have space. You can for a Sunday pre-booked party however!