Soft Play Booking FAQs


If this is your first time visiting, please click here for new customers information:

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If you're a regular, please be reminded that your booking includes access to Hullabaloo and our Cafe + Bar seating area in the main church space for one hour. If you have booked for a large group or party we advise that you book for two hours. Please read our FAQs below or contact us for more information.

1Can I bring my own food?
You are welcome to bring your own food however we do ask that you clear up any mess before you leave. We have snacks on offer and delicious cakes including gluten, dairy and nut free cakes.
2Can I bring my own drinks?
No, we do not allow customers to bring their own drinks. Please purchase all drinks at the Sanctuary Cafe + Bar. We have a selection of hot and cold drinks, decaf teas and coffees, alcohol and children's fruit juice and milkshake cartons.
3Do you provide plates?
We do not offer anything for food that you bring in yourself, so please bring everything with you including napkins and paper plates if needed for a party.
4How long do we have?
Your Hullabaloo booking allows you access to the soft play and the cafe seating area for one hour only. Please don't plan to stay any longer than this as there will not be room for you in the main centre - you may be asked to move if we are fully booked.
5Can I book for two hours?
Yes of course particularly if you plan to bring food and enjoy cake after your hour in Hullabaloo. We recommend that you book two sessions back to back. We do expect you to leave the building after your hour in Hullabaloo so please bare this in mind when booking.
1Can we reserve tables?
Midweek, yes - simply call or email and we will do what we can to reserve a table for you! If you're block-booking a large number of sessions on a Saturday we will reserve a suitable amount of tables for you based on the size of your party. There is no need to arrive early to do this yourself, your name will be displayed on the table clearly for you and your party to see.
2Can we rearrange the tables?
No you cannot move our tables or chairs, please be considerate of other customers and refrain from rearranging furniture.
3Do we have to bring socks?
Yes but we have them on sale if anyone forgets them. All adults and children playing in Hullabaloo must wear socks.
4Can we arrive early?
We ask that you don't arrive early as the centre may be busy with previous bookings.
5Can I arrange an entertainer if we're having a party?
We ask that you don't arrange any extra entertainment or face painting as we simply don't have space. You can do this for a Sunday private party however!