Hullabaloo Safety Policy

Hullabaloo encourages children to play in a safe and stimulating environment, and as such there are inherent risks that are always associated with children playing and having fun together. These include, children being exposed to moderate physical activity, tripping and bumping into fixed objects and other children. We have taken every reasonable step to control these risks through the design, maintenance and operation of the facility. However it is impossible to eliminate such risks entirely whilst providing a stimulating environment and parents/guardians must recognise and accept this risk.

All of our equipment has been inspected and is compliant with current safety regulations. Our staff carry out daily risk assessments and inspections and we have a robust cleaning schedule to ensure all equipment is clean and harm free. The safety of children whilst at Hullabaloo is paramount and our staff ensure the rules of play are abided by.

At Hullabaloo we aim for the highest possible levels of safety and care of the children using our facility, however it remains the responsibility of the accompanying adult to supervise the children in their care whilst on our premises. All children must be accompanied by a responsible adult, who must remain on the premises at all times and the children remain the responsibility of said adult at all times.

Children are advised to wear long sleeved tops and trousers to minimise the risk of injury and children must wear socks at all times. We ask that any jewellery, badges or key rings are removed before entering the soft play and there is no food, drink or chewing gum allowed into the play frame.


Parents/Guardians Must:

  • Remain on the premises at all times
  • Monitor their child to ensure he/she is capable of using the equipment safely
  • Know where their child is and ensure the child can locate them.
  • Follow the rules of play and support Hullabaloo staff in putting these rules in practice with their children.