Debt Advice

Registered charity number 1155848

Debt Advice at The Sherriff Centre is one of the core services of our charity and is at the heart of the social enterprise model that is The Sherriff Centre at St James.

Our vision has always been and remains, that the charity receives funding from the profits of the business’ within the church in order to deliver services back to the local community and surrounding areas.

Our services are available to residents in Camden, Brent and Westminster.


We are registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and are a member of AdviceUK.

In essence the project is committed to providing free, independent, confidential and impartial advice, information and support to people in West Hampstead and its surrounding area who are experiencing financial difficulty. The service offers advice on a wide range of debt issues including, utility debts, rent and council tax arrears, credit debts, overpayments of benefits and tax credits. We also aim to assist clients facing emergency situations including:

  • Creditors about to take drastic action, e.g. eviction, repossession, disconnection, imprisonment, bailiffs
  • Deadlines approaching, e.g. replying to court forms, court hearing date
  • Other crisis, e.g. no money for food

The service is available two days per week in an office space within The Sherriff Centre.

Help with council tax

If you are struggling at this time, please get in touch with our Debt Advice team as we can help you apply for a full or part reduction of your council tax.

Call Paul on 07806 807730

Testimonial - Matt, Advice4Renters

"I have used The Sherriff Centre’s debt advice service on several occasions. In one case, a client of ours had been struggling with large debt problems for a long time. These had inhibited her ability to move on with her life and were causing a great deal of stress and anxiety. We arranged an appointment with Paul Scannell and he talked us through the client’s options. Paul is an extremely patient and diligent adviser who helped immensely with a bankruptcy application. He made our client’s options clear, and also supported me with the complicated online processes"
Testimonial - Laura, debt advice client

"I contacted The Sheriff Centre after seeing an advert in a local newspaper. Paul went through my expenses with me and helped me find areas where I could make savings. He gave me some ideas to help me manage my finances better and most importantly guided me through the process of how I could write to the banks and ask for them to allow me to pay back my overdraft in instalments. I no longer have the overdraft and am paying this back along with the budget plan we worked out. Since seeking this help and resolving my issue I definitely feel a weight has been lifted and I am managing my finances better overall”