St James’ Church

St James Church

St James’ Church is an Inclusive parish of the Church of England, promoting the rights and flourishing of all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, sexuality or ability. The community has a strong reputation for supporting equal rights and a deep commitment to a warm welcome to all people of good will who wish to join them in their worship of God.

St James’ style of worship is traditional and within the Catholic tradition of the Church of England and a strong appreciation of music and liturgy. They welcome children to their worship and have a term time Sunday school. Children who attend St James get to use Hullabaloo for a short while after Sunday Mass whilst their parents are enjoying a coffee in the Café – always popular with both groups!

St James’ has strong links to our local C of E school – St Mary’s Primary School, Quex Road. St Mary’s is an excellent school with a strong local reputation and excellent teaching and learning standards. The school has a full-time nursery for children in the year before they start mainstream education. St Mary’s School is very popular and heavily oversubscribed. As a Church school, preference is given to baptised children of practising members of the Christian Church and attendance at St James fulfils this requirement. If you would like to know more about St Mary’s School, visit their website .

St James’ Church also work in partnership with St Mary with All Souls, Kilburn – their sister Church. St Mary’s is just down the road from us on Priory Road and has a large congregation and a very busy Sunday School and Youth programme.

The main Sunday service is at 11.30am. Please see the parish website for other weekday services and events. You will be made very welcome. Parish NW6 .