COVID-19 Update:

The Sherriff Centre is now closed until further notice.

A message to our community

These are difficult times and we, like everyone else, face some hard decisions. We are an independent, not for profit organisation and are in a very precarious financial position. Any profit we make is invested into our charity and into the upkeep of St James’s, the church we are based in. As a charity occupying the majority of the church space we are responsible for all of the utilities, insurances, business rates and costs necessary to run our trading activities, which support our charity.

We depend entirely on customers coming into our building and using our services, and without this we have no income whatsoever.

We are so proud of being part of this community and it’s breaking our hearts to find ourselves in this position but we do need your help. We fear for our future, for our staff and our ability to support our community as we have done for the last 5 years.

We respectfully ask if you’ve ever enjoyed one of our brownies, had a good coffee, found a few minutes of peace whilst the kids are playing, had fun at a party, enjoyed a gig or event here, found solace in the church or even just admired the model of what we are striving to do please, please if you can help us now we promise we will keep supporting our community in every way we possibly can.

We know this is an extremely difficult time for everyone and it’s incredibly hard to ask, but if you can spare it and would like to visit us again in happier times then would you consider a donation to us at this time to help us keep supporting our community.

The Sheriff Centre Charity Ltd - Registered Charity No. 1155848

Thank you


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We are a Post Office, stationery shop, café, children's soft play, and music venue in St James Church. All our profits go to our charity to bring services to the local community.

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